Spotify Premium Ad Campaign

Spotify Premium is the paid music subscription offered by one of the largest music streaming services, Spotify. We were tasked with marketing it toward a target audience that already has a high awareness of Spotify and music streaming in general. There was little differentiation between Spotify and other services, so I took a different, more topical approach. In a time with so much political and social tension, music is the thing that still unites us. 

Campaign Messaging: 


  • Spotify Premium is the superior uninterrupted listening experience.
  • Music connects us in a way that nothing else does. 
  • Music is how we bond when we don't have anything else in common.
  • "Not much unites us there days. Spotify does."

Campaign Targeting:

  • People who already use streaming services and are tired of ads
  • Millennials, any gender, ages 20-35, already using a streaming service

Campaign Executions:

  • Three billboards in target DMAs with high Millennial populations (New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago)
  • Three guerrilla executions (Snapchat filters, silent disco in airports, customized Spotify playlists only available at certain airports, mural focused on bringing people together)
  • Three magazine ads
  • 10 second public radio ad
  • 30 second commercial radio ad