Perrier-Jouët Wine Box Design

When someone who is visually impaired visits a grocery store, they often have no way of knowing if they’re purchasing a certain brand or product. However, designers can make their products more accessible with a few changes. Color plays a role in how accessible a product is. The use of contrasting colors, like the dark green and white used in my packaging design, help those with low vision to decipher what a package says. The larger the copy, the better–which is why my design uses large, serif typefaces to make it as easy as possible for my audience to read about what is in the box. For this project, my challenge was to differentiate the product's appearance. Through color and texture, I was able to help Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Champagne stand out in an otherwise inaccessible crowd. 

The project involved many iterations of the box's design, as well as an in-store display. I began the project by sketching my packaging concept the old-fashioned way. I took my concepts into Adobe Illustrator to create a higher fidelity prototype. My design also involved some arts and crafts, with textures like rhinestones and glitter, as well as embossing to help differentiate my packaging. I worked with a local printer to get my packaging printed, which helped me learn about the printing process and the specifications that documents must be at in order to be printed the right way.