Ocean Spray Ad Campaign

Campaign Description

Ocean Spray’s overarching goal was to attract the Millennial consumer base and drive relevancy of the Ocean Spray brand for Millennials across both the food and beverage sectors. Ocean Spray prides themselves on their tradition of innovation and resourcefulness as a cooperative established nearly 90 years ago. Ocean Spray’s first product was jellied cranberry sauce, followed by the original Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail. Since then, the company has expanded its offerings to include fresh and dried fruits, cranberry juice blends, diet and energy drinks and more. Increased competition, especially among private label and start-up brands, has led to a decline in the Ocean Spray market share. Our objective was to increase awareness of the Ocean Spray brand in the eyes of Millennials. Our goal was to make the Ocean Spray brand a part of healthy Millennials’ daily lives.

The campaign included research, media planning and creative solutions. My role as a part of the campaign team was two-fold: I did research on the target audience and developed creative executions for the campaign, including social media graphics, website wireframes and out-of-home ads. I also helped design the final campaign book. 

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