Freelance Checklist Campaign

Freelance Hiring Checklist Campaign

Do you know how to start the process of hunting for a freelance helper? Not many marketers do, and that’s why I developed this guide for Torchlite. The guide began as a blog post, morphed into a gated piece of content and was promoted via social advertising, organic social media and paid email.


The Checklist

The “Ultimate Freelance Hiring Checklist” drilled into the process of adding freelance help to your team. It addressed 29 topics that marketers need to be aware of and address before, during and after the on-boarding process. I wrote and designed the checklist.

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Social Promotion

Paired alongside an e-book, the checklist was promoted via paid and organic social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I worked with an advertising strategist to target a specific range of B2B marketers. I created all social media graphics, copy and landing pages.


Email Promotion

The freelance checklist was promoted by MarketingProfs, a leading marketing industry website, through an email to more than 25,000 subscribers. I created the email copy, graphics and handled the execution with a partner at MarketingProfs.