BABB Branding and Digital Marketing


Building a Badass Brand

BABB: A Community and Lifestyle

BABB is a community of badass, bossy and bitchin’ women. BABB is a way to celebrate owning and creating that lifestyle — having it all just because you want it. BABBs push boundaries. We embrace the struggle and the success. We create our reality. We spearhead a new way of thinking, living and working.

As a part of the davies+dixon team, I helped develop the BABB brand, taking it from concept to a full-fledged digital community.



As the BABB brand evolves, I have played a part in designing the look and feel from a visual perspective. I created two key pieces for the brand: the visual standards and patterns that are uniquely BABB.

Brand Standards

The BABB brand guidelines include the official colors, typography, primary and secondary logos, and wordmark. I worked with the rest of the BABB team to get feedback on the look and feel of the brand and went through several iterations.

Branded Patterns

This set of patterns is used across all BABB platforms: the website, social media, email, merchandise and other outreach. The patterns include type-based graphics, drawings and abstract illustrations. (1).gif

Visuals for Social Media

BABB is everywhere. Being a digital brand helps.

The majority of the brand’s marketing and content creation happens on Instagram. I was responsible for designing all owned visuals to create a consistent, visually pleasing and (most importantly) BABB-y feed. My work included photo editing, illustration, gif-making and more.

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 6.28.55 PM.png

Email Design

I created branded email graphics for the bi-weekly “babbletter,” the BABB version of a newsletter. The graphics included gifs optimized for email.


Learn more about BABB by checking out the website below.