About Emily Brungard

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It’s been a decade since I First Opened Adobe InDesign.

I’m thankful every day that my mom forced me to take yearbook as an elective during my freshman year of high school. That’s where I learned the basics of design and ultimately found the spark that drove me to pursue design as a career.

I've had the opportunity to explore design through many different avenues, both visually and verbally. But good design isn’t just about being an Adobe Creative Suite wizard — it's about solving real problems. I enjoy learning just as much as I love executing what I've learned, which helps me create efficient, effective solutions for projects. Plus, I’m a firm believer that design extends beyond an artboard in a software program or a sketchbook drawing. It encompasses looks, emotions, feelings, senses and … well, a lot more.

When I’m not writing or designing, you’ll find me exploring different neighborhoods of Indianapolis, sipping on local coffee and loving on my two friendly dogs.