30 Days of CC Social Media Campaign

The #30DaysOfCC Twitter campaign was a month-long daily brand awareness campaign. The 30-day run started with the introduction of the campaign, accompanied with a summary of Cardinal Communications’ purpose in creating the campaign. The posts, which were pre-planned on a social media content calendar, were scheduled and sent out on a daily basis. Twitter was the main focus of the campaign, although Instagram and Facebook were used as complements to the platform. Taking into consideration popular holidays and hashtags, the team developed relevant content to engage those days, such as “throwback Thursday/#TBT,” Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. By creating posts that encouraged engagement, Cardinal Communications experienced a spike in interaction. Posing questions like “What is your favorite Cardinal Communications-related memory?” and posting multimedia content increased engagement. Member accomplishments and spotlights were also included in the campaign to boost agency morale.

To measure and evaluate the progress achieved by the Cardinal Communications Twitter page, we utilized Twitter Analytics to track impressions and engagement. #30DaysOfCC was used 23 times on Twitter. During the month of November, the Cardinal Communications Twitter account tweeted 57 times. The account received 3,307 profile visits and earned 27,700 impressions. The account also gained 23 followers and received 29 mentions. Prior to the campaign, the average numbers for the Cardinal Communications account were 43 tweets per month, 1,442 profile visits, 15,900 impressions and 27 mentions. The account received a 129 percent increase in profile visits and a 74 percent increase in impressions.

The campaign was awarded a PRSA Hoosier Chapter Pinnacle Award in 2016. 

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